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4 Little Things You Can Do To Fall Asleep Faster + WIN A DUVET FROM THE CANADIAN DOWN & FEATHER COMPANY!

4 Little Things You Can Do To Fall Asleep Faster

Getting a good night’s sleep is key for me. I am able to accomplish more throughout the day and am in a far better mood when I’ve gotten a proper night’s rest. Falling asleep can be a challenge for me sometimes, even if I’m particularly tired. I have a difficult time shutting off my mind at night time. Oftentimes I can be awake hours worrying about different things, which prevents me from getting a good sleep.

There are some tricks that have been helping me fall asleep faster though, which I have found to be extremely helpful. They’re super easy and have really helped my overall quality of sleep over the past few months.

If you sometimes have a hard time falling asleep, here are 4 little things you can do to fall asleep faster:

4 Little Things You Can Do To Fall Asleep Faster

Tidy up your bedroom before bed

For me, if my room is messy it can stress me out come bedtime. Part of the reason I struggle to fall asleep at night is because I’m constantly thinking about my to-do list and all that I have left to accomplish. If my room is messy it feels like there’s one more thing added to my list and it can snowball into me getting stressed out about other things I have yet to do. While it doesn’t need to be a thorough clean every night, just making sure that my clothes are put away and there isn’t unnecessary clutter scattered around helps put my mind at ease.

4 Little Things You Can Do To Fall Asleep Faster

Read before bed instead of watching Netflix

While this is a habit I am still trying to get into, reading before bed helps me fall asleep faster than the nights I binge-watch The Office before bed. While I’ve seen the show a hundred times, my mind is still engaged in what I’m watching and the bright lights from the TV make falling asleep much more difficult. By reading a book before bed you aren’t subjecting yourself to those harsh lights. I also find that reading can make me sleepy. This makes it a better alternative when it comes to winding down for the night.

4 Little Things You Can Do To Fall Asleep Faster

Use a pillow mist

I have blogged about my love for pillow mist in the past (here) so I won’t go on about it too much, but using a pillow mist has dramatically improved the quality of my sleep! I love misting a little over my pillows before bed. The lavender scent really helps me to relax and de-stress. This also helps me to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. When I use a pillow mist I find I wake up more refreshed than when I don’t use one. I used to think pillow mists were over-hyped, but they really do work well!

4 Little Things You Can Do To Fall Asleep Faster

Invest in cozy bedding

For me, cozy bedding is key. Having nice fabrics, fluffy pillows, etc. makes me look forward to going to bed. While what constitutes as cozy bedding will vary from individual to individual; it is something that is going to help you look forward to going to bed and ensure that you are comfortable throughout the night. For me, this includes lots of pillows, throw blankets, and a fluffy duvet.

My current duvet is the new Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet* from the Canadian Down & Feather Company, and I am obsessed! It is made using down alternative materials; so instead of feathers it is made using a fine synthetic polyester. This polyester mimics the properties of a down filled duvet. It feels really fluffy, is affordable, and is suitable for all seasons. The duvet is hypoallergenic so it naturally resists bacteria and other allergens. You can even wash it at home should you choose to! If you take proper care of your duvet and use a cover, this is something you won’t have to worry about for years to come; but I like that the option is there! You simply wash and dry the duvet on a low heat setting; though it may need to go through the dryer twice before it’s fully dry.

The Giveaway

The Canadian Down & Feather Company is kindly giving my readers a chance to win a Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet of their own! The giveaway will be open to Canadian and American (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) readers and will run for 2 weeks! You will win one duvet in the size of your choosing!

If you are under 18 please receive parental consent before entering. I will contact the winners via email. They will then have 24 hours to respond before I will choose another winner. Good luck!

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What are some of your tips for falling asleep faster?