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3 Ways to Make Mondays Better

3 Ways to Make Mondays Better

Fun fact: I kinda like Monday mornings. I love the feeling of a fresh start that Monday mornings offer. I’m also a creature of habit and love routines so while the weekend is still fun for me, it feels really good to get into a more structured routine again. I know it’s an unpopular opinion though, and that most people loathe Monday mornings; which I totally understand. They don’t have to suck, though. So, I’m sharing 3 ways to make Mondays better! While this list probably won’t make Monday your new favourite day of the week, it will make them a bit more bearable.

Treat yourself to a coffee

Waking up early for work on Monday mornings can be a challenge, even I can admit that. So, treating yourself to a latte is something small you can do to get yourself excited to get going with your day. I used to make Fridays the day to treat myself to Starbucks if I was going to, but since Friday mornings are a bit more exciting with the weekend on the horizon, I’ve switched things up! Sipping on a cinnamon dolce latte definitely makes Monday mornings more enjoyable.

Wear an outfit you feel confident in

An outfit can totally change the way you feel. Wearing something you feel good in will instantly put you in a better mood; and in turn will make your day that much better! Instead of opting for the first thing you see in your closet, plan your outfit out the night before so you have time to select pieces that make you feel good. Feeling put together makes me so much more productive. One of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe right now is this Alice Blush Knit Cardigan* from Morning Lavender!

It’s super cozy, which is perfect for Monday mornings but it looks chic at the same time. It adds a feminine touch to any outfit and I love how drapey it is. It’s super versatile too so I can wear it more casually with jeans on the weekend (as I’ve styled it here) but it also looks great for the office too! It’s so soft and warm, which is great since it’s been freezing here in Ontario lately.

Have something to look forward to

This will be different for everyone, but planning something you love for after work will help your day go by faster; plus it’s always nice to be excited about something – especially on Mondays! This could be something like meeting a friend for happy hour, going to a hot yoga class, cooking your favourite meal for dinner, or pouring yourself a glass of wine and watching an episode of Sex and the City. Whatever makes you happy, make time for it Monday evenings!


How do you make Mondays more bearable?