3 Easy Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin That Don’t Involve Carving

3 Easy Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin That Don't Involve Carving

When it comes to decorating for Halloween I certainly have more of a cute approach. I like to decorate but do tend to stay away from the traditional scary options.

One of my favourite ways to decorate is with pumpkins. They’re super festive and you can do a lot with them. Carving them as a kid was one of my favourite parts about Halloween and it’s a tradition I look forward to bring back when I have kids of my own someday, but carving pumpkins can be messy and time consuming if you’re trying to decorate last minute. That being said I have come up with 3 easy ways to decorate a pumpkin that don’t involve carving it! Whether you are short on time or are looking to get festive without making too much of a mess, these ideas are perfect for you!

Decorate with glitter

This is my personal favourite of the three. While it is the messiest option, it isn’t too bad and the end result is super cute! Laying down old newspaper where you’re going to work is going to save time when it comes to clean up. I started out by applying glue all over the pumpkin. Working in sections is your best bet though so the glue doesn’t have the chance to dry. You then just sprinkle orange glitter over top. You may have to do a couple layers to really cover the pumpkin. When I was finished I just sprayed the entire pumpkin with hairspray so the glitter wouldn’t transfer.

3 Easy Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin That Don't Involve Carving

Create a polka-dot effect with push pins

I love polka-dots and this design was actually inspired by one I saw on Pinterest where someone had drilled holes into a pumpkin to create polka-dots. It looked so nice but since I wanted to come up with ideas that involved no carving, I thought this would be a fun way to do something similar. I just bought these gold push pins at my local craft store and popped them into the pumpkin in no particular pattern. It only took a matter of minutes to complete and you could play around with the size and colour of the push pins to get different looks.

3 Easy Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin That Don't Involve Carving

Use paint

This is definitely the quickest and easiest option when it comes to decorating pumpkins but you can still be really creative with it. I decided to paint ‘Boo’ on mine which I would say is a pretty classic design, but you could write something else fitting or even draw a design on your pumpkin if you’re more artistic than I am.

3 Easy Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin That Don't Involve Carving

All 3 of the designs work well together in my opinion but would look great on their own!

Which is your favourite?